April Event at Artwood

Artwood is located in Historic Fairhaven, Bellingham, Washington. Fairhaven was started by a man named Dan Harris. He was called "Dirty Dan" as he was a fisherman and did not like to bathe.So, He lived with everyone calling him Dirty Dan! On the 23rd of April, we have a "Dirty Dan Festival" in Fairhaven. There will be music on the stage in the Village Green,a piano race, uphill,  a Chili Cook-off at 1:30, a Dirty Dan Look-a-like conest, and other events going on. Inside Artwood will be Gary Giovane, the woodworking painter, wall artist for the month. Gary paints on cedar, makes all the frames, and has a story about each of his paintings. We have a book so you can see how he decided to make each one. We will also have Artwood member Jim Hume carving a special piece. Good Earth next door will have potters doing their work as well. So come to Fairhaven and enjoy the day!