Carvings by Phil Skochilich

For the month of September and October, Artwood will feature the carvings of Phil Skochilich. Phil was an avid fisherman, ourdoorsman and is a  skilled woodworker.  His lifelong passion has always been marine animals and fishery. When he was a young man he was an accomplished steelhead fisherman and hunter.  He now has chosen to capture his prey in art rather than catching them live.To create full size hand carved marine art, Phil collects hardwood logs that have been harvested from the Pacific Coast from Washington and Oregon.His natural outdoor studio includes a full scale sawmill enabliing him to produce hardwood carving blanks to his extraordinary specifications. This is especially evident in the burl carvings. All the drying, shaping, carving and finishing process are done by him, ourdoors. Each piece of art is a personal connection with the fish it represents.

We are proud to have 9 fantastic fish carvings on the walls of Artwood.