Founding Member Jim Hume

It seems that for the last sixty or so years, most everything I've done has had something to do with fitting, assembling, or finishing things made of wood or metal. From cabinet making to racing engines, fish tanks to tube steel racing chassis with hand shaped aluminum bodies; the involved project always kept my attention.

I lived in California for 38 years and started working with wood at the age of 11, helping my father install cabinets. After high school, I spent 10 years in cabinet and furniture shops. On April Fools Day in 1968 I was fired from my last job at a furniture shop and made a 180 degree change from wood to metal work. In 1972 I started my own racecar fabricating business in Tarzana, California. In 1982 my wife, Erica and I moved to Sedro Woolley, Washington hoping to scale down my metal work.

Soon I began looking for ways to channel all those years of input into something interesting and creative. In 1987 I became one of the founding members of Artwood Gallery of Fine Woodworking in Bellingham. Washington. After several years, 10 rocking chairs, some jewelry boxes, and other furniture, I took an interest in segmented turning. Since then, my lathe work has evolved from small lidded pots to classical and neo-classical shapes and on to egg shaped, carved pure art form with a little impressionism thrown in. From technical, creative, and design aspects, it's been an interesting journey and after the last 14 years spent on a racecar project, I hope to be able to get back into woodworking soon!