Founding Member Michael Flaherty

Michael Flaherty specializes in designing and creating items for his customers, with emphasis on the unusual.

"There is always room for a fresh design approach. Why settle for the ordinary?"

In addition to his lifelong career of teaching woodworking, Michael draws from many experiences to produce an eclectic mix of woodworking styles and products. He is often known for his unique containers, boxes, chests and furniture items, along with his more whimsical & curious work … functional objects sometimes formed in the shapes of creatures and people.

But as you can see in the accompanying photo, his main passion over the past few years has been in the design and building of heirloom-quality ukuleles. In his related business, "Michael's handmade Ukuleles", he builds ukuleles for music-loving customers.  Michael’s ukuleles are on display at the Artwood gallery, where you can see and hear them yourself.  For the serious musician, Michael offers custom-designed ukuleles as well.  He's available to meet with the customer to make design and material decisions for that very special instrument!