Paintings by Tom Semple

Tom is a Bellingham artist who works in aesthetic, environmental, conceptual and relational realms. Much of his work focuses on the relationship between people and the natural worlds.
    The paintings you see in Artwood were recently completed in his studio in the Sunnyland neighborhood. This new work varies from straight, two dimensional abstractions, to pieces that include sculptural elements. Most represent places, although not necessarily in the landscape tradition. Many were titled after they were completed.
   Tom has a BFA from the University of Montana and an MFA from Central Washington University but he tries not to let that spoil his fun! You can find him wandering the trails around Mt. Baker when he’s not in the studio. Summers he is in Northwest Montana where he teaches drawing and painting. Look for him in the Apgar campground of Glacier Park.
 His art can be seen throughout the Northwest. Suncadia Resort, University of Montana and Kalispell Regional Medical Center to name a few